Investments that Make the World Better

We align inspired investors and transformational private investment fund solutions.

Coplanar Capital is an Atlanta based, independent asset manager established to implement what we call Double-Result investing with purpose-driven VC investments in diverse businesses and services.

Some VCs have great networks. Some have great megaphones. Some VCs offer great counsel. We value all of those but most strongly believe in pursuing the investors and organizations passionately endeavoring to make the world a better place.

Diversity Drives Everything We Do

We recognize that diversity in all of its forms is pivotal to our success. Dedicating ourselves to increasing equality, both on our own team and with the companies and founders that we fund is our ethos. It’s the right thing to do. Diverse teams make better businesses.

Specialization drives our success

Our founding partners leverage their personal and professional life experiences at the intersection of capital and big ideas. Our unanimous decision culture works due to the diverse, yet complementary composition of the team. 

We are driven by the Double-Result successes of our investments. Our stewardship commitment to each other and our investors revolves around our shared belief to selflessly serve our investors, associates & vendors.

Chief Investment Officer
Dr. Quentin J. T. Florence
Doug Vander Linde

Expertise at the intersection of capital and big ideas

digital health

Self-care for healthier lifestyles


Favorable medicinal outcomes

Medical devices

Better testing. better results


Safe, sustainable,
and scalable


Clean and


Secure, renewable
and efficient

Let’s build a lasting legacy, together

What we are doing for our investors really matters long term. Our joy as a more-than-for-profit firm is seeing our fund blessings used to bless others.